Essential Lingerie Care Tips for Every Woman.

Essential Lingerie Care Tips for Every Woman.

“Treat your underwears with care &  They will love you back”

Lingerie has the power to make a woman feel sexy and empowered. But as these beautiful undergarments help you feel more confident, comfortable, and conquer the world-ready, your lingerie also needs you to take good care of it. Just like any valuable investment (because yes, good lingerie is an investment), your lingerie needs proper care, whether it’s your tougher cotton pieces or more delicate ones.

Contrary to public notions, proper lingerie care is really simple. You just have to know what’s right and what isn’t. So in this blog post, we’ll be sharing essential care tips for every woman to maintain and get the best use out of her lingerie!

1. Laundry Tips.

  • The best way to wash a bra is by hand. This gives your bras longer lifespans than when you machine-wash them.
  • Nevertheless, if you have to machine-wash your bras, always fasten the clasps and place them in a delicates bag.
  • Wash your lingerie with a mild detergent and cold to lukewarm water. For machine washes, keep water temperatures at 30°C or below.
  • Only wash your bras every 2 to 3 wears.
  • Always turn any briefs with patterns or prints inside out before laundering them.
  • Always wash similar colours together to avoid staining.
  • Never ever machine-dry your lingerie.

2. Usage Tips.

  • Always have a minimum of 5 to 6 bras that you wear in spaced-out rotation. Overusing any bra can damage its fabric or elasticity.
  • Do not squeeze or twist your bras to avoid damaging their padding or shape.
  • Have any wrinkled lingerie? You can either iron them out on very low heat or gently steam them. The steaming option is more advisable.

3. Storage Tips.

  • Always keep where you store your lingerie clean.
  • Spoon or stack your bras (ensure they are clasped) when storing them to preserve their natural shape.
  • Sort your undies (full briefs from cheeky thongs and so on) and fold them with this technique: bring the bottom of the underwear to the waistband and then fold into thirds. Storing your undies this way will help to create more space for more pieces and just generally keep your lingerie neat and organised.
  • Avoid folding your bras. If you need to minimize space when storing them or packing for a trip, use a bra storage bag.
  • If you have the space, hang up extra delicate pieces such as silk bras or chemises.

4. General Tips.

  • Always discard and replace any old, worn-out, and ill-fitting pieces.
  • You can donate your gently used bras.
  • Get proper lingerie fittings often so that the pieces you purchase are your perfect size. Ill-fitting pieces will either end up stretching out too fast or remain unused. Plus, they won’t flatter your body at all.
  • When you travel, you may not be able to give your lingerie as much care as you would at home. So always pack enough pieces for the estimated length of your trip, then add 3 extra sets for unexpected situations such as a flight delay.

Follow all the tips above to increase the lifecycles of your favourite lingerie pieces so you get to enjoy them as much as possible!

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