How to care for your bra!

How to care for your bra

If there is one way our mothers monitored our hygiene when growing up was that extra scritining of our under garments.

The discolored bra straps would always give you away . If you leave your bra longer before washing them leads to stains and persistent odours on the bra .

Keeping your bra healthy is all about balancing the care for the fabric with the removal of skin debris and sweat.

When you find your perfect bra that is supportive ,comfortable and a perfect fit ,it is natural to want to care for it properly. Our everyday favorites and special bras can last much longer depending on how you care for them.



But what is the best way to care for your favourite bras to last longer ? check these tips below:

How often should you wash your bra?

It all depends on how often you wear a bra and personal preferences. We recommend not to wash your bra everyday and stay away from the dryer. Wash your bra after every 2-3 wears as a guide if you want to retain its shape. The more often you wash your bra places so much stress on the fabric . The cups tend to lose their shape and the straps will lose their elasticity. It is also important to rotate your bras ,so that the cups and straps can relax . This will help to retain their shape and elasticity.

Do I really need to hand wash my bras?

Hand washing is the best way to get all the sweets and smell out of your bra ,and also helps the bra to stay in good shape . Hand washing bras is an excellent way to give them the gentlest and helps bras to last longer . Under-wire and funcier bras should always be washed by hand .

In addition ,padded bras require special attention and should be hand washed or else they will lose their shape.

However ,if the manufacturing label says it can be washed in the washing machine don’t hesitate to do so . But please remember some bras can be really delicate and recommend using a bra wash bag to wash them.

To use a bra wash bag,place your bras into the bag and zip it . Place it in the washer along your other clothes.

How to wash your bra by hand

  1. Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and add a teaspoon or two of detergent to the water.
  2. Swish the water gently to make sure the detergent is mixed and dissolved properly.
  3. Leave the bra to soak in for about 15-20 minutes or even more .
  4. Swish and swirl each bra in the water .
  5. Once your bras have soaked for a little while ,rinse under lukewarm water until water runs clear.
  6. If you are washing a padded bra use your hand to press the bra gently and drain out the excess water .
  7. Finally ,hang the bras over a clothes line to dry.
  8. For more information ,see here


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