How to Know If You Need a New Bra?

How to Know If You Need a New Bra?

When was the last time you bought a new bra?

If the answer is more than 6 months ago, then there’s a good chance you need to go bra shopping. We know that a good number of us have one or two (or more?) bras that have lasted us for a year or even much more. This is most likely because you have a large selection of bras that you wear in rotation, giving each of your bras longer lifespans.

However, regardless of how many bras you have or how well you take care of them, every bra has an expiry date. Some bras, you may outgrow. Others may simply succumb to natural wear and tear. Hence, here are 8 telling signs that’ll let you know it’s about time to get yourself a new bra (or five!).

1. Stretched-out Back Straps.

If you notice that you now have to fit your bra hooks in a tighter position than you did when you initially bought the bra, then it’s likely that the straps have become stretched out from use. This doesn’t become a warning sign for a new bra until you get to use the very last hook and the bra still feels loose. Then you know it’s time for a new bra.

2. Too Big Cups.

Weight loss can happen in any part of the body, breasts inclusive. Thus, if you begin to notice a significant gap between your bra cups and your boobs, the cups may have been stretched out or you might’ve just lost some weight. This means that your bra isn’t offering you support as it should anymore, and so it’s time to replace it.

3. Too Small Cups.

Do we have to spell it out? You’ve outgrown the bra; time to say bye-bye to it.

4. Too Loose Shoulder Straps.

Sometimes you’ll find that you’ve adjusted your bra straps a million times, yet they still keep sliding off your shoulders. Isn’t that the most annoying thing? It’s also a clear sign that you need a new bra because loose straps mean that bra’s barely holding the girls up.

5. Underwires of Death.

Have you ever felt your bra underwire try to stab you in the chest? Talk about the biggest betrayal! Get rid of that bra before it gets rid of you.

6. Fabric Fails.

Fabric always has a lifespan, especially when you wear and wash it as often as you do with your bras. Thus, if you observe the fabric of your bra has begun to break down (e.g. rips and tears, fraying, overstretching, peeling spandex, etc), then it’s time to go bra shopping.

For new bras, why don’t you treat your selfyourself !

7. Faded Colour.

This also has to do with the fabric but this time, we’re looking at the colour. If a dark-coloured bra has become light-coloured, or a light-coloured or white bra has become stained or dingy-looking, make that trip to the lingerie store ASAP!

8. New Outfit Needs.

Some outfits may require a push-up bra while others need a strapless bra. Here, you may not necessarily need to replace your current bras, but if you don’t have the type of bra that your outfit needs, then you most certainly still need a new bra for your new outfit needs.

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