How Compression Garment (SHAPEWEAR) Really Works

You are here because you are curious to find out if shapewear hype is real and worth the hype that it is currently getting? You have read testimonials on how come women use shapewear to achieve the perfect figure that you are only dreaming to have? Well, you are in the right place and this is not to bust your bubbles but a lot of women have actually used shapewear to smooth out curves, creases and got the sculpted figure everyone dreams of. By the way, do you know your body type and the type of shapewear to opt for? Find out here.

Firstly, shapewear comes in different shapes and sizes just like our bodies, this is why it is important to know what type will fit your body based on its shape. And if you’ve had bad experience before with using a compression garment, it’s vital to not let it affect your future decisions about getting the perfect shape with shapewear. This article will dispel every doubt you have about using shapewear to enhance your body appearance.

It is a known fact that getting a flat stomach is hard, what makes it hard is having to try out different exercises to tone the abs and keep your tummy flat. But many women always feel pressured into working hard to get the desired flatness of the belly. If you have ever tried to suck in your belly, you will understand that posture and breathing can affect how big your tummy looks.

Shapewear mimics exactly the effect of having to suck in your stomach by slightly flattening the area but without the stress of constantly trying to stay sucked in. Shapewear is not designed to permanently flatten your stomach but provides support that accentuate and contours your body features.


Shapewear is a type of compression garment which works by pushing fat into your body and compressing the entire stomach area. It works in three areas of your body which are the waist, middle area and the bottom. It is designed in a way that pulls you into shape and curbs the unwanted bulges. It helps to flatten the folds encircling around the belly and hips, resulting in a slim and feminine look. It enhances the appearance of the person by giving your body a slimmer and fabulous look.

This can temporarily shed a few inches off your tummy and waist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that shapewear is a miracle worker because if you have a lot of fat on your tummy, your tummy will only look smaller in shapewear but won’t look flat.

For shapewear to work effectively well on your body, it must fit snugly on your body. Very tight shapewear can be dangerous because shapewear works by putting pressure on the body. So, for maximum benefit, the compression garment must fit snugly against your body but should not dig into the skin or hurt. You have to select breathable fabrics to avoid having sweat trapped on your skin. Most bad shapewear experiences are with extremely tight shapewears. Once you notice discomfort or tingling under the shapewear, you need to stop wearing it immediately. Good shapewear should not hurt or interfere with your ability to carry on with your daily activities.



Your shapewear should feel comfortable and smooth but not too restricting. Once it is too squeezing, rolling down or doesn’t feel right, then you need to go up a size or swap to a different style. It is also important that you know your body type before choosing shapewear. For an all-day comfort, you should opt for light (medium) or firm (medium-high) shapewear. Choose supple and more stretchy fabrics that move with your body while adding subtle contours to your shape, providing hours of comfort without you, wanting to take it off.

Every body type has different target areas when it comes to choosing the perfect shapewear. No matter what your body type is, you need to select the compression garment that will enhance your shape. The main objective is to shape and define your waistline.

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