Bad Bra Practices that are Harmful to the Breast

Bad Bra Practices that are Harmful to the Breast

There is the right bra size for every woman, all you need to do is to be measured for it if you do not know what your bra size is. Harmful bra practices usually start with picking the wrong bra size for yourself amongst so many others. But finding the right bra size to firm your breast the way you desire can sometimes be more difficult than finding the right man. While the right size has the potential of lifting your mood and boosting your self-confidence, the wrong ones do the opposite. Some women who cannot do without a bra will relate very well to the discomfort and pains associated with a strap digging into the skin or the underwire sitting tightly on the rib cage. You might even find yourself fixing and adjusting the bra to stay in place or prevent it from digging into your skin and causing pains.

Generally, a lot of women hate wearing bras but are still wearing them because of the belief that it can keep the breasts young, healthy, and succulent. Some women are used to wearing bras that they even wear one while sleeping. However, this is one of the bad practices and should not be so. Wearing bras is not inherently bad but there are essential things to keep in mind to keep wearing them more safely.

Here are the bad bra practices that are detrimental to your health.

  1. Wearing the wrong bra size: Sizes if bras differ from brand to brand and there is no one size that you can wear. The boobs also change sizes frequently (looking bigger while one is pregnant or menstruating), so there is no way of knowing what bra is perfect for you. The best way to avoid wearing the wrong bra size is to be measured (See here) because brands can be tricky and wearing the wrong size has its consequences.
  2. Wearing tight bras: Badly fitted and tight bras that are digging into the skin can cause many problems like chronic pains over some time. This can greatly cause discomfort and lack of concentration. They can also cause lesions and rashes on the skin, so it is best to completely stay away from overly tight bras.
  3. Wearing bras to bed at night: The freedom that comes with freeing the breasts after a long day at work or a long day out is blissful, therefore you should always strive to experience it. Research by health experts shows that wearing tight-fitting garments at night including bras could affect someone’s sleep. This is because tight-fitting garments can cause an increase in core body temperature and in hormones that regulates sleep which can affect the quality of sleep.

Consequences of Bad Bra Practices

  1. Ill-fitted bras can cause chronic pains around the neck, shoulders, and back.
  2. Ill-fitted bras put stress on your bones and muscles thereby causing breathing problems that could get worse.
  3. They can cause mammary gland tissue damage due to the constant push of the bra towards the inside.
  4. It is highly advised to sleep without bras as it does not keep your breasts in shape. You can opt for a bralette if you cannot sleep without bras, this gives a feeling of not being too free.
  5. Wearing the wrong size of bra which does not provide enough support for the breast can cause breast skin damage such as stretch marks. Although stretch marks and sagging are normal when it happens occasionally, it could be due to an ill-fitting bra.
  6. Causes discomfort and embarrassment. It can be very embarrassing to be adjusting your bra throughout the day if the fitting is not right. It could be your breast jiggling way too much while you move or the breast spilling out of the bra cup.

To avoid these, you have to find the right bra that could cradle your breasts firmly while providing the needed support. It does not have to dig into your skin or cause discomfort. If you are having a hard time with the brand of bra to wear, you might consider checking here or contact La Didor for support.

I hope this article enlightens you to have a lifetime happy boob. Be careful ladies, take care of your nicely shaped boobs, and wear non-restrictive bras that will not cause unnecessary pains. If you have any concerns about your breasts during your routine breast self-exam, you may want to arrange an appointment with your general practitioner. Happy Holidays!