5 types of underwear every woman should have

5 types of underwear every woman should have

Women love and adore underwear. Not only it is a necessity, but underwear has the power to add that special vibe and feeling under your clothes. Just like the different types of shoes, women love to switch and change their underwear with the different types of clothes they wear. A good pair of underwear is the foundation of a great outfit.

Underwear, most commonly now known as intimates, are the most important item of clothing. Additionally, the right style of underwear can do a great deal when it comes to providing the best feeling and comfort. Also, the right type of underwear can boost confidence and comfort levels.

Every woman is different, but, when it comes to underwear, these 5 types of underwear are just must-haves. Take a look!

  1. Briefs


Briefs are commonly known as “granny panties”. Granny’s or not, they are comfortable and they provide full coverage and a high waistband. Although they might not have the sexiest design, they are must-have pieces and basic underwear that a woman can always turn to in times of need.

  1. Bikini


The bikini bottoms are underwear that is slim on the sides. They have a high-cut leg line, back coverage, and waistband that rests on the hips. They fall just between thongs and briefs. Many choose these panties because they provide just the right amount of coverage that still looks attractive. They are an excellent daily choice.

  1. Boyshort

The boyshorts panties come as a model inspired by men’s briefs. They have a more rectangular shape compared to other types of panties. Besides the regular model, there is a thong-style option that frames the whole bottom with full coverage on the sides and front.

  1. Hip Huggers


In the list of the must-have panties come the hip huggers, which are maybe the sexiest version of all the above mention types of panties on the so-far list. Their design pits them wrapping the hips, below the waistline. The leg opening hits well above the thigh. Each style is different and they can vary in the level of coverage.

  1. Thongs

Thongs and G-strings are the options for those who look to eliminate the panty lines. Thong is a must-have piece when it comes to underwear and every woman should have at least one of these. They might not be very comfortable to wear, but they are suitable for different clothes that require a seamless look.

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