Lingerie Colours to Suit Your Mood.

Lingerie Colours to Suit Your Mood.

Certain things just seem to suit our moods so easily. Music—there’s no better time for a love song to come on than when we’re feeling happy or nostalgic. The weather—is it just us or does it always start raining when you’re feeling sad too?

Regardless of what our moods may be, the fact that something out there can perfectly match it is oftentimes powerful enough to make us feel much better than we do at the time. It creates means of expression for us that we didn’t know we needed but will still find to be so exhilarating.

Many of these instances are highly unanticipated. But there are a few ways to actively create these emotion-expressing and mood-matching moments. And there’s none more gorgeous than to do it with your lingerie!

The outfit you wear over it may be determined by the occasion, ambience, time of the day, and so on. But you can play with your lingerie whichever way you like. You can express what you really feel on the inside with what you’re wearing inside. Intrigued by the idea? Then here are a few lingerie colours to match your different moods each day.

1. Moulin Rouge!

Yes, one of the greatest love stories of the 21st century. But if there’s one thing that love always does, it bolsters us and give us wings. So if you’re in the mood to get up and get things done, then red is the lingerie colour to lean to. The colour embodies a self-reliant, self-sufficient, and successful woman who knows what she wants and gets it for herself. And obstacles are never enough to stop her!

Of course, red is also the perfect colour if your mood is screaming FIERCE, SEXY CUPID.


2. Natural Nude.

In the mood to keep things subtle and safe? Opt for a nude shade of underwear that matches your skin tone. It may be slightly risqué because it can look like you’ve worn nothing underneath your clothes at all. But it’s also perfect for those no-pretence days where you plan to do everything with a down-to-earth and practical approach.



3. Blue Skies and Seas.

If you’ve had a rather stormy week and are in need of a literal “calm after the storm”, slip on your blue pieces. The colour blue has the power to soothe anything from stress to nerves, anger, you name it!

Brighter blues (sky blue, baby blue, etc) suit a happy kind of calm, while deeper blue (royal blue, navy, etc) match a more sombre form of tranquillity.

4. Sunny Whites.

White is the colour of hopes and dreams. So if you have your fingers crossed for a promotion, great results from your last exam, a long-awaited proposal, or a reconciliation with a friend, white lingerie is a spectacular way to keep your hopes high.

It’s also the best colour if you’re looking forward to new beginnings. Wipe the slate clean and do it while wearing pure whites.


5. Royal Purple.

Purple pieces suit any kind of royal treatment the best. So if you’ve been bolstered by your mood to have a self-care day, go on a shopping spree, make dinner a Michelin-star affair, take a luxury trip, or simply do anything that counts as spoiling yourself, then rich hues of purple and violet will make a royal mood match.

6. Pretty in Pink.

Pink is playful. It’s feminine. It’s romantic. Bright pinks, baby pinks, and corals are great go-to colours for when your mood is light and when you’re in love.



7. Pitch Black.

Not sure what your mood is exactly? Pick up your trusty black pieces then. Black is the colour of mystery, meaning it’s a match made in heaven because your mood is a mystery too.

Black is also a very charming colour. So if you’re in the mood to let your attractive side shine through, you know what to do.



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