Best Bras For Big Boobs

Best Bras for big Boobs

Are you looking for the best bras for big boobs or looking for a fuller cup bra to add to your bra collection but not quite sure which one? Look no further as La Didor understands the importance of the perfect fit and this article will guide you in choosing the right bra.

Finding the right bra really can transform the way you feel about your body. However, as we all know, shopping for a well-fitting bra can be a struggle especially if you have a bigger bust. Research shows that ,bras can play an important role in any woman’s bra Collection especially for those with larger breast.

If you are unsure of your bra size, our guide to how to measure your bra size at home can be found here!  Then follow these  simple tips to find the perfect bra styles.

Full coverage bra

There are different types of bras designs. However, a woman with a bigger bust may want to wear a full coverage bra as this will provide both fullness in volume and in shape. A full coverage bra has a high neckline which is designed to cover almost the entire breast tissue for comfort and support.


Underwired bras

It is also important to give your bust the support it requires on a day-to-day basis and underwired bras are designed to give added support to the breast. Underwire bra has a metal which sits beneath your bustline to lift and support your breasts. By doing so, the breasts are less likely to appear sagging, relieve stress on your shoulder and improve your posture.


Three-part cup bra

If you are a full bust or have a larger breast, the three-part cup bra is perfect and can provide you with the support and comfort that is needed. Three cup bras have 3 distinct sections separated by seams. The seams divide the cup into three sections. The seams make them sturdier and provide better support for heavier breast. The three cup is also great for a larger breast as it enhances your unique shape and ensures there is plenty of room in the cup.


Here at La Didor, we have brands designed specifically for fuller figured women.


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