Our favourites Camisole Tank tops

Our favourites  Camisole Tank tops

Wearing a tank top is one of the most popular items in many wardrobes especially during hot temperatures. Tank tops can be dressed up with smart jeans or dress up with a jacket. 

Wearing a tank top can keep us cool, especially our arms and neck during hot weather . They  are made from a variety of materials including Silk, polyester ,nylon and cotton.

Here at La  Didor we have a variety of  cotton tank tops which will keep you comfortable all day long.

This  tank top style is very comfortable and makes it easier not to be seen under clothing.  Match with your favorite jeans or under your jacket  for a gorgeous silhouette.

  • 95% cotton content for additional comfort.
  • Classic design,
  • Non-wired design
  • Non-padded design
  • Can be worn as a loungewear or under your clothes .
  • Composition – 95% cotton ,5% Elastane

Why is cotton Top Tank the best ?

As we are aware ,tank tops can be worn for several hours during summer time or hot temperature and if they are not cotton ,they may feel uncomfortable . There are few reasons why cotton tank tops are more superior than other types of materials .

  • Cotton Garment is perfect for summer wear as it absorbs sweat from the body ,exposing it to the atmosphere for easy evaporation. 
  • Wearing cotton undergarments keep you from an embarrassing situation such as body moisture and odour  because we sweat more during hot temperatures ,cotton fabric absorbs sweat and helps the body to cool down.

If you are looking for a racer tank top for  gym options  or to wear with your favorite jeans ,this  racer back will keep you comfortable all day.

This beautiful tank top  with spaghetti straps  is lightweight ,breathable and soft for everyday wear.

  • Great undergarment for everyday wear.
  • Comfortable, soft gusset
  • Can be worn under clothes or as a lounge wear.
  • Made with soft cotton.
  • Wide straps for comfort.
  • Composition: 92% cotton, 8% elastane


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