How can wearing Nice Lingerie Help with Your Mental Health?

How Can Lingerie Help With Mental Health?

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. We all feel upset, sad, and disheartened from time but for some of us,? it can be a real problem. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your mood.

There are different coping strategies and other things we can do to improve our mood and one of them can be retail therapy.

What is retail therapy?

Retail therapy is a way for people to distract themselves from the stressors within daily life. Purchasing something we want gives us a boost of happiness. It feels like a treat and can be one way to indulge in self-care when done healthily.

A journal of consumer psychology also found out that shopping can be a way to feel controlled and relaxed. The researchers found out that retail therapy can help to engage with others and improve socialization which then impacts positively on our mental health as socialization helps to boost our mood and shopping can facilitate this, whether to see a friend or to just be around people in a store on your own.

Some people find comfort in treating themselves and enjoying a little bit of shopping. Sometimes shopping for things, you like impacts your mood and gives that little buzz.

According to Carolyn Mair, a behavioural psychologist, author of “The psychology of fashion” wearing a nice undergarment boost confidence and feeling confident in ourselves can make us appear more physically attractive because we tend to stand, walk, speak and gesticulate different” Some researchers also found out that, wearing nice lingerie for yourself can actively have a positive impact on our emotional state.

Undergarments provide the opportunity to express inner desires and instinct, without anybody judging you.  ” Because no one sees it without your consent, we can feel unlimited to imagine ourselves the way we want to be “(Marleen Beevers, Psychologist).


Doing things to make ourselves feels taken care of or loved can be self- care according to (Rachel Thomasin) a family therapist. For instance, buying nice undies can feel like we are taken care of ourselves in a way. When we make some conscious effort to feel and look good, whether it’s with your undergarments, or a trip to the hairdressers, is a way of treating yourself.

According to Saniyyah Mayo, (a family therapist) A woman buying quality underwear or lingerie can be a form of self-care, and it can boost morale,”.

Several researchers also agreed that the colours you choose also can impact positively on your mood.

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Bold colours like lemon and purple can help you feel fun and youthful.



You don’t need to pay a higher price to get good underwear, the most important is that a better fit can make a difference. Please check here for more information about lingerie and mental health .


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