How To Find The Most Flattering Bra For You

How To Find The Most Flattering Bra For You

Maybe we are a bit biased but for us, finding the most flattering bra style is one of the most exciting tasks. At first glance, the entire underwear market might seem like it’s chock full of quantity over quality. In reality, sticking to the one or two silhouettes that really work for you isn’t the best option. Everything comes down to finding those specific bras that fit just right. Just like shapewear for women, a perfectly-fitted bra serves as a huge boost of self-confidence.


Choosing the right bra for your shape and size might sound like a hard task to tackle at first, but once you’ve established a formula, your underwear shopping sprees will be a lot more fun (and rewarding).

Ahead are our top tips on how to find the most flattering bra style for you, all you have to do is easily measure your bra size at home and learn how to spot some key indications.


Finding the most flattering bra style takes experimentation

When Cora Harrington, Founder, and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict mentioned that the biggest mistake she sees is people do is not being willed to spend the time to try styles and shapes, we felt that! The truth is that most women shy away from trying novel options and most often stick to, well, the basics. Different brands carry different sizing, so don’t just put your trust in one specific size. There are detailed charts just for that!

Choosing the right bra for your shape and size: the bra band

Everything comes down to having the best possible band support. When trying to find the best bra for you, the first thing you should really pay attention is, well, the support. The bra band should always be level and parallel to the floor. We’ve seen bras hitching upon sides or creating that frustrating arch shape, or even worse, the oh-so-familiar lift-up in the back. All the aforementioned signs signal one thing; your bra isn’t giving you the right type of support.

The right bra size will have a flat anchor

You finally came across a cute bra style that fits your back and sides just right but, the centrepiece of fabric between the two cups is not exactly in place. This is also a bad sign. When choosing the right bra for your shape and size, the centre part should lay flat against your sternum. Why is this important, we hear you ask. ‘Tacking’ is there to anchor the bra and keep everything in place. If this anchor is misplaced, get ready for some weird bra floating and shifting *yikes.

Let’s examine the underwires

If the underwires don’t fit properly, you are most likely wearing the wrong bra size. Most of the time we solely focus on the bra band and anchor, however, when you are looking for tips on how to find the most flattering bra style, underwires are also a clear indication.

In a nutshell, when the underwires aren’t where they should be (fully enclosing the breast tissue) then the size of the bra is not for you. That’s especially true when it comes to finding the best bras for big boobs. If you spot a wire resting on top of the breasts or persistently digging into the sides of the breast, opt for a different size.

From comfortably padded bras and underwire styles to convertible bras, we have an array of options to choose from. Browse our La Didor Lingerie collection to discover more splurge-worthy designs.




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