How often should women change their underwear ?

How often should women change their underwear ?  The secret is out! 

One of the first rules of hygiene most of us were taught as children was wearing clean underwear every day!
Changing your underwear is not often a topic that comes up in conversations. While  most women change their underwear everyday,a research carried out on a hygiene survey found out 13% of  women have worn the same pair for over a week at a time. 

Even Though this topic is very sensitive to talk about ,there are important health implications for getting it right especially for us women .

So the question is how often do we have to change our undies?

The simple answer is : it depends! 

Aim to change your underwear everyday,even more than once if you want!

A research carried out shows most people preferred to change their underwear on a daily basis. However ,if you carry out any strenuous activities during the day it makes sense to change your underwear more frequently.

 Changing underwear once a day helps you to avoid build up of bacteria ,sweats and moisture all of which can lead to yeast  infection . Everyone has naturally -occurring microorganisms in and on their bodies called micro flora. Microflora is a term that refers to a community of bacteria responsible for opportunistic infections . It also causes clothes to smell bad after wearing them for an extended period of time. 

Women in particular can experience an abundance of yeast infection in their groin area that can result in a rash. 

Some researchers suggest that ,” less frequent changes can lead to build up of moisture that predisposes women to developing yeast infection and skin irritation”.
According to Doctors , genital irritation and infections increases when you wear underwear for extended period of time. 

Every other day

Some people also reported that changing underwear every other day is perfect for them. A clinical microbiologist and pathologist found out that ,changing your underwear every other day probably won’t cause any harm.  Some doctors say that you can get away with wearing a pair of underwear two days in a row if  you are not experiencing discharge or sweat. However ,if you start to feel uncomfortable because of vaginal discharge build up ,you can change more than once a day .

To maintain good  hygiene and prevent build up of yeast infections, follow tips below

1:  Change your undies frequently ,twice a day if you live an active life ,in order to decrease the risk of yeast infections .

2:  Discharge can cause bacteria to build up in your knickers and lead to a bad odour . Change undies at least twice a day when experiencing discharges. 

3:  Wear clean undies before going to bed .


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