Do Bras Prevent Breast Sagging?

Sagging Breast – Does wearing a Bra Prevent This?

For many years, rumors have circulated that wearing bras stops your boobs from sagging. Studies show the breast drop or hang a little as we age but does wearing a bra prevent this ?

So far there is not much evidence to show wearing a bra prevents breasts from sagging and also not wearing a bra has no impact on breast sagging nor will it change the shape of your breast.

However, what we do know is that lots of studies show breast pain and breast movement can be reduced or prevented by wearing a supportive bra. Which means ,the more support, the less the bounce and thus less breast pain.

Wearing bras can also help to lift, and push up and generally gives you an attractive look to make your clothes look better.

 What Causes Your Breasts to Sag?

Breast sagging is one of the many natural body changes women experience as they age. Ligaments in your breast, called cooper’s ligaments, lift and support your breast. These ligaments can stretch over time or lose their elasticity causing your breast to sag. Other causes of sagging breasts include:

Rapid loss or weight gain.


Lack of exercise

 How a well-fitted bra can reduce breast pain

The main function of a bra is to support the weight and structure of the breast. It is designed to support and elevate a woman’s breast.

If you are a larger cup size you may feel more comfortable wearing a bra because it might help alleviate or prevent back pain, which is often due to the weight of your breasts.

Wearing a bra is very useful during exercise or when moving about vigorously.

Studies show that some bras give better support in regards to reducing breast pain or discomfort during exercising.

Exercising without support can cause the breast to bounce a lot which stretches the cooper’s ligaments.

It is also important to choose the correct bra size for good support. Check how to measure your bra size at home here!

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