Sloggi lingerie Brand a closer look !

If you are looking for comfortable ,quality underwear with modern design, then look no further than the underwear ranges from Sloggi.

Who produces the Sloggi Brand?

Sloggi is produced by Triumph international ,one of the world’s leading underwear lingerie brands. Sloggi underwear is famous for its quality ,fit and comfort .Our sloggi collection features underwear’s from the popular basic range briefs and bras such as sloggi basic long brief ,Maxi brief and  Sloggi romance brief and bras.

 Why do our customers love Sloggi?

Most of sloggi brands are made from quality cotton which is tougher and harder to rip.  Good quality Cotton underwear can be worn all day long with much comfort as they are breathable ,light and beautifully soft. Please check our top 5 sloggi underwear below. More about cotton  underwear, read here 

# 1 Sloggi basic long brief

These Sloggi briefs are made from soft cotton so they fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. The fabric is designed to keep you comfortable in either cold or hot weather.


# 2 Sloggi control brief

This pretty  decorated tummy-tuck Maxi Brief  is ideal to support  your perfect outfit. Classic fit with low waistline and comfy wide sides . Soft, stable elastic band at waistline for perfect fit . Firm, soft fabric with a high proportion of cotton.  You can choose either the single pack or double pack.


#3 Sloggi double comfort

Another comfortable brief by Sloggi is just what you need when seeking an extra fresh and sport look. Soft, double comfort-waistline with wide elastic band invisible under clothing.  You can choose either  the  double comfort maxi or the comfort shot.


#4  Sloggi double comfort tai

Comfy and active goes together perfectly when taking a closer look at the Tai Brief from the Double Comfort series by Sloggi. Thanks to its invisibleness it makes you feel great in every situation. Flat and soft edges, invisible under clothes.


#5 Sloggi Romance

This best-of-both-worlds sloggi bra and brief  brings everlasting romance to every day without sacrificing comfort, thanks to its cotton/microfibre fabric mix.  The cotton/microfibre material of the sloggi Romance series ensures exceptional wear. This wireless .


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