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Looking for underwear and corset shapewear shop near you? Look no further as La Didor have got  you covered!  It does not mater where you live , UK ,Europe or USA: La Didor is the shop near you that offers an impressive collection of underwear and corset shapewear with only a click of a button! Check our online shop and enjoy our beautiful and quality underwear and shapewear collection at affordable prices and low-cost shipping ! We provide quality, comfortable and fashion-forward lingerie to consumers around the world .

Where does La Didor  Lingerie ship underwear  to?

Our Mainland delivery service includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Wight, and the highlands of Scotland. Our international  delivery services include ,Europe ,USA ,Canada ,Australia ,Asia and some African countries  .We ship daily if you order before 4 pm Monday to Saturday and before 12 pm on a Sunday.

Want to know more about La Didor and our Lingerie and shapewear collection?

La Didor provides affordable  lingerie that is not just black and white because we want every woman to feel sexy and comfortable in our lingerie collection. Do you have a unique sizing or are you a different plus size and we do not have it? Email us straight away and we will find and order exactly what you need because we leave no woman behind! Confused about sizing? Check out our sizing guide to help you get it just right!

We know that us women need a different bra for every occasion: that is why we have got all our girls covered. We have beautiful bra ranging from Nursing Bras for all our yummy mummies out there to top quality Sports Bras for the peachy healthy fanatics! Other styles include Baby Doll, Lace Slip, Chemise, Corsets, shapewear  and so much more!

And even for those hard done by months after Christmas or the end of the month bloat, we have a range of Shapewear and corsets in a range of sizes, including plus sizes, for every woman’s insecurities, coming near you with only a click of a button.  All our styles and collections come from well-known designers that offer a choice in colour, size, and style so that you always buy what you like as well as what you need.

If you have not treated yourself in a while check out Sassa Mode fashionable  bras to make you feel super confident in their comfortable and affordable bras.

Want to get  back into the fitness game and needs a help in hand? Why not grab the best quality sports bra from Dorina curves that provide you  with the best support whilst you lunge through the day.

Not a bra lover? Love throwing it off after a long day ? Well, we have compiled a list of our favourite bra facts to remind you just how great they really are!

  1. The term “brassiere” was first used in Vogue in 1907 meaning “support”. We think we like brassiere more than bra, don’t you?
  2. The average bra size is now 36 DD! Over the year’s boobs have been growing bigger and bigger and that is why La Didor gives you a range of sizes!
  3. Those of you that enjoy a good, padded bra can thank Frederick in Hollywood, as he invented it in 1947. Why not check out our padded bras here for the ultimate Hollywood look!
  4. 16 billion pounds was spent worldwide last year on bras alone! WOW guys, you should check out our affordable prices and try and get this down for next year!
  5. According to studies British women have the largest breasts in the world, with around 50% wearing a D cup or bigger! No need for a padded bra over in the UK then girls? Now you know a bit more about the beauty behind bras why not check out all our collections and embrace your brassiere love and find the perfect fit! See here

Looking for additional bra size ? see here !

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