Understanding Your Body Shape & Perfect Shapewear For Your Body Type.

The body shape is defined by the skeletal structure which is made up of hormones, genes and fat distribution. This is temporary defined after puberty and although it can be altered a bit through regular exercises, we often get dissatisfied with our body shape. The evolution in the fashion world has made it a lot more difficult for most women to embrace their physique and be confidence in their bodies. Understanding your body shape is all you need to make the right decision when it comes to clothing.

Understanding and knowing your body shape will help you while choosing the type of clothes and undergarments that will accentuate your good features, minimizing the not-so-perfect body creases. And what this means is that you will in no time be able to dress in a way that really suits you.

In this article, we will be discussing the different beautiful body shapes and how to choose the perfect shapewear for your body type. But before that, it is worthy to note that the major challenge underlying body shape is that most times, women focus on the problematic areas such as the tummy, arms, thighs and the bottom. What this habit does is that it clouds your sense of judgement on seeing the whole picture. It is essential to view yourself as a whole so that you can confidently define your body shape.

Here are the major body types according to a study of over 6000 women.

  1. Straight Body Type.

The straight body type tends to have smaller hips or bust. The body fat is distributed evenly from the shoulders to the hips. The key to dressing a straight body type is to dress the top and bottom in equal proportion while enhancing the waist. If you have this body shape, here are the general features to look out for. • Your lower legs are always shapely defined • Your hips and bust are balanced • Your waist is not very defined • Your bottom will probably be flatter than round • You tend to gain weight in the torso area first and then your upper thighs and arms follows suit.

2.Pear Body Type.

For Pear body type, the hips measurement is usually greater than the bust measurement. Body shape distribution tends to be in the buttocks, hips and thighs. To dress a pear body shape, look for styles that will add detail and volume on top, minimal bottom. Always emphasize the waist General features of this body type: • You have full hips or thighs • You have a defined waist • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips • You have a small bust

 3.Hourglass Body Type.

This body type has the hips and bust in equal sizes with a narrower waist. Body shape distribution are around both the upper and lower body parts of the body. This body type may have additional weight in arms, chest, hips and the rear area. The key to dressing an hour-glass body type is to dress the top and bottom part of the body while accentuating the waist. General features for this body type are… • Your legs are shapely and proportionate to your upper body • Your waist tends to be obvious and curves to your thighs • You have rounded shoulders that aligns with your hips. • Your bust and hips are well balanced

 4. Inverted Triangle Body Type

This body type is characterised by larger top than the bottom, the shoulders are wider than the hips. The hips are small and legs are likely to be in great shape. The key to dressing this type of body is to balance the broad shoulders, chest and back with your narrower body in order to create a more of an hourglass effect. General body features • You have flat hips and bottoms • You have straight and squared shoulder line. •


 5.Diamond Body Type

A diamond body shape has comparable characteristics to an apple body shape. Diamond body shape have slimmer arms and claves but hold most of the weight in the bust, midsection, hips and thighs. This creates a bug problem when looking for clothes that will elongate the body without adding extra weight to the bust. The key to dressing this body type is to balance your shoulders and bust with your hips while creating a waist. General body features… Your hips are broader than your bust and shoulders. • There is tendency to gain weight in your stomach, back, hips & butts. •Your waist is note defined. • You have slender and beautifully shaped arms.



All body shapes are beautiful but sometimes, we need to be a little extra in order to improve our self-confidence. Using shapewear to accentuate your body features is an amazing thing and you should be proud of yourself for wanting to look more beautiful.

Now that you have an idea of what your body shape looks like and the appropriate name for it, how do you know the perfect shapewear to opt for? We have different body shapers for every body type at La Didor and we will be highlighting all of them in this section, bearing in mind the different body shapes. Here are some recommendations based on the various body shapes.

  1. Straight body type:
Waist Trainer or Cincher This shapewear is perfect for this body type because it focuses on the waist, accentuating and defining the waist

Waist Trainer or Cincher : This shapewear is perfect for this body type because it focuses on the waist, accentuating and defining the waist

 2 .Pear body type:

High-Waisted Shaper : Short: The body shaper that will fit a Pear body shaped body is a high-waisted shaper short. This shapewear helps by controlling the waist, tummy, hips and back. It also helps to sculpt your butts. This shapewear is comfortable enough to be worn all day and will not show through your clothes.

3.Hourglass body type:

Waist Trainer and/or Magic Belt: Although you may have the shape that many women wear shapewear to get, you might still have some bulges that you want to control. Using this waist trainer/magic belt made from a seamless material which is designed to shape your waist into an hourglass shape as well as helping to smoothen out little folds in your tummy area is a great idea.

 4.Inverted Triangle body type:

The aim is to shift focus downwards by creating enough balance. Waist cinchers can help to create more definition for the mid-section. For more enhancement at the bottom a high-waisted shaping brief is perfect.

 5.Diamond body type:

High-waisted shaping panty: This can be worn all day which will help to gently shape and smooth out your tummy area.

Finally, no matter what your body type is, bear in mind that all bodies are unique and amazingly beautiful in their different shapes and sizes. Shapewear is a support tool that you can use to contour and accentuate your body shape, not to alter it.

Which of the body shapers do you think would suit your body shape? Drop your comments and we will be happy to read them.