The Ultimate Shapewear Guide To Flatter Your Figure

The Ultimate Shapewear Guide To Flatter Your Figure

If you’re looking to improve your figure, look no further than shapewear! Shapewear can help you look and feel more confident, and can be worn under clothing to smooth your curves. This guide will teach you all you need to know about the best types of shapewear and how to wear them to look your best. If you’re looking for a way to gain a slimmer and more attractive figure, then you need to read this guide. It provides tips on how to wear shapewear in the best way possible so that you look your best. If you’re looking to flatter your figure ,wear shapewear! There are different types of shapewear to choose from, so find the right one for you.

When buying shapewear, there are certain things you aim to achieve- compression, accentuation, toning, and support.

But to effectively achieve all these things, you have to pick the right shapewear. And to pick the right shapewear, you have to pick one that is the right size.

To help you pick the right size of shapewear, you have to know your body type and what exactly you are looking to control.

So let’s take each body type one by one and discuss what they usually want to control and the best shapewear for them.


If you have a rectangular figure, your body is straight. Your hips and waist are the same width and have no definition. You also have small boobs and slim legs.

Now, if you have a rectangular figure, you are likely to seek shapewear that can have you looking “snatched”. You need shapewear to cinch your waist and give your boobs a somewhat bigger look.

So when you search for shapewear, look out for one that; defines or cinches your waist, accentuates your boobs, and gives your hips and butt a more curvy look.

To achieve the above, here’s the type of shapewear you need— Butt lifters, girdles, waist trainers, waist Clinchers, push-up bras, corsets, high waist briefs like these control shaping briefs, and sculptural body shapewear.


Popularly known as slim thick or figure eight is one of the most coveted body types available.

This figure has the fat in the right places. They have a defined and small waist, big or medium boobs, and curved hips and ass.

The perfect shapewear for this body would give the breast a great boost, and further accentuates and cinches the waist.

So you might want to consider getting some high-waisted briefs like the Sasha basic control briefs, a nice full-cup bra like the goddess Adelaide bra, and some shaping Camis or bodysuits.


Unlike the hourglass, this figure has small shoulders, and boobs. Their top is relatively small compared to the bottom. So they have thick thighs and a pretty curvy butt and hips.

So when searching for the ultimate shapewear for Pear, you need one that seeks to equalize, both your top and bottom. The ideal or ultimate shapewear would be thigh-slimming shorts, high-waisted shaping shorts, and bras to create lift.


As an apple, your body is characterized by a very straight, rectangular, and undefined midsection. Unlike the rectangle, people with an apple figure have big busts.

So when searching for their perfect shapewear, they need High waisted shaping shorts, high-waisted control briefs like the Brigitte high waist brief, and shaping bodysuits like the Dorina airlite bodysuit.

These kinds of shapewear would help reduce the size of your waist and introduce some curves into your hips and butt.

Inverted Triangle or Strawberry

This body type is the exact opposite of the pear body type. This body type has large shoulders, and chest paired with a small sometimes defined waist, narrow hips, and a small or flat butt.

The top of this body type is bigger than the bottom. And this is why the best type of shapewear for this body type would be one that can define curves and give a perceived largeness to the bottom of the body.

To give your strawberry figure a better look, here’s the type of shapewear you should get– corsets, open-bust shaping bodysuits, and padded butt-enhancing shorts.

Now that we’ve discussed each body type, another thing you need to know when picking your shapewear is control.

Shapewear comes in four types of control – light, moderate, firm, and extra firm.

To pick the best type of control for you, you should place these two things on a scale— the amount of comfort you’ll get and the results you are trying to achieve. Your chosen type of control must give you a balance between these two things.

Firm and extra firm control types give you the best accentuation, control, toning, and support but they will require you to sacrifice your comfort. Shapewears in the category usually contain bones, steel, and no stretchy fabric, examples are waist cinchers, and corsets.

You can only wear these types of shapewear for a few hours because they are pretty uncomfortable and when too tight, they can hamper your breathing.

The best types of control are light and moderate. These give you the smoothing you need (although not as much but firm and extra firm) with enough comfort to wear them all day.

Shapewear in these categories can be used every single day with no adverse effects.

Once you figure out your body type and the type of control you need, you are equipped with the ultimate guide to finding the right shapewear.

All you have to keep in the back of your mind is sizing is very important. Do not size up or down. Get your exact size. This way you wouldn’t have to bother about your shapewear riding up or inconveniencing you as you go about your business.

Now picking the right shapewear for your curves and edges would simply be a walk in the park. So pick your shapewear and go out looking and feeling like your best self.


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