Essential Lingerie Care Tips For Every Woman


Essential Lingerie Care Tips For Every Woman

Lingeries are one-way women take care of themselves. Someone once said:

“A woman who feels sensual will always be the best version of herself.”

So, it’s safe to say lingerie does a lot for women and it is only fair to return the favour. How? By caring for lingerie, the right way. They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but we say cleanliness comes right after sexiness.

It is important to have the right mindset when caring for your lingerie. Of course, these aren’t just any form of clothing. Lingerie’s know our deepest, darkest desires, and not just that, each piece is a best friend to our most intimate parts.

And this is why Elizabeth Dale says.

How to care for intimate apparel? Treat your bras like you’d want a partner to handle your breasts: with kindness and a gentle touch.

Now that that being said, strap in, and let’s give you the best tips for your lingerie.

Essential Tips For Caring Lingerie

Use Your Hands

We know it can be quite tempting to toss your bras, teddies, et al in the washing machine. But it’s not recommended.

To effectively wash your bras by hand, here’s what you should do;

Fill a bucket, bowl, or sink with running warm water and add some detergent. Then drop your intimate essentials in the water, and lightly massage and squeeze over each area with your hands. Be very careful not to rip the material. Then wiggle them around in the water for a bit.

Next place them in cold water to rinse. Then gently squeeze away excess water and dry.

It is crucial you choose a mild detergent for your lingerie. Don’t use detergents that contain optical brighteners, and synthetic enzymes. You can pick a liquid detergent designed for delicate fabric to make things easier.

If you don’t have the time to hand wash your lingerie, then you should consider getting a special lingerie protective pouch. So you can throw your lingerie in the washer with other items. Just remember to set the machine to a calm cycle.

Don’t Use The Dryer

To preserve the intricate and delicate nature of your bras, panties, babydolls and the like don’t put them in the dryer. After washing your lingerie, you can place them on a flat surface or hang them where they can receive some sunlight.

Wash Often

Treat your bras like an extension of you. After a long day when you just want to hop in the shower, do so with your bra and panties still on.

The water washes off the sweat that has clung to the bra. If left unwashed the salt in your sweat can break down the elastic in the bra. Also, use a delicate soap or shampoo when bathing with your bra on.

After bathing your bra, gently squeeze out the water and place it somewhere with some sunlight to dry.

Now, you don’t have to do this every single day but at least every two days. Except on very sweaty days.

Have Range

Your lingerie or underwear collection should be a fusion of cotton, linen, and silk. These kinds of fabric tend to last longer and won’t yellow with age.

They are also pretty easy to care for.

Speaking of range, we know there’s that one special bra that just seems like it was made for your boobs. Don’t wear it every day.

Just like you, that bra needs to rest. Repeatedly wearing it will even wear out the elastic. So use it in rotation with other bras.

Store Properly

Storage is a very important factor to take into consideration when caring for your lingerie. Don’t just toss and keep them anywhere they’d be within easy reach. Or hang in your door knobs and chairs.

Keep them with other clothing items that won’t hook onto them and destroy their delicate fabric.

You can also fold them carefully and place them with similar items in a drawer. Don’t fold your bras, gently, place or lay them flat in a cupboard free from any other items that cause damage to it.

Taking care of your lingerie the right way is a pretty easy task, although at first, it may seem a little tumultuous if you aren’t used to it.

When it comes to caring for lingerie always remember to be gentle. Think of your lingerie as an extension of yourself and treat it how you’d want to be treated.


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