There are women who pays little to no attention to the shopping of their inner wears and this is not a good thing at all. Your underwear is as important as your outerwear, even more important. What is going on underneath your cloth as a woman is very essential. If you think that your outerwear is more important than your innerwear, then you need to change your mindset. This is a new year and we ladies should up our games from every angle.

There are many types of underwear for women in the market, therefore it is not cool to be oblivious to these things. We have curated information on different types of underwear to spice up your lingerie life. Is there anything like that? Lol. What La Didor is simply saying is that you need to start taking your inner wears more seriously. Let’s get into the various types of underwear that you should have as a woman.

  1.        KNICKERS / SHOTYS UNDERWEAR FOR                                                                                                                     WOMEN

This type of underwear has a similar design like the male boxers. They are usually rectangular in shape and provides full coverage of your booty. They might slightly go below your hip just like the male boxers. This type of underwear can be worn underneath trousers, dresses or skirts.

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G-Strings are fancier than the regular panty. They have no waistband, instead there’s a thin string for hold and a narrow coverage for the vagina. If you are used to wearing thongs, then they might be very comfortable for you. It can be worn under shorts, dresses and swimwear.


This low-rise sits on the hips just below your waistline with complete coverage on the hips. They are less cheeky than the usual low-cut styles.

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This kind of underwear mostly comes in soft fabrics like silk, cotton, satin or jersey. It doesn’t have thick border and is very comfortable to wear. It comes in styles like high-waist, hipsters, and French cuts. It is perfect for women who are not comfortable with G-strings or Things. They can be worn underneath skirts, jeans and trousers.

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If you are not comfortable with low-rise styles and G-strings, then go with briefs as they will keep you covered completely, front and back. There are variations in style for brief underwear like the high-rise waist or high-cut leg holes. People will conveniently choose briefs over thongs and G-strings because of how comfortable they are.

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  1. Image result for thongs pant for womenTHONGS

This type of underwear is comfortable for most women. It has regular size waistband but has very narrow part to cover your private parts. One advantage of this type of underwear is that you do no have to worry about panty line. With thongs, you can rick any outerwear of your choice knowing that your panty line won’t stick out.


Bikinis are similar to a brief but with less coverage, lower-rise and higher leg openings. As one of the most popular underwear, people wear it everywhere. To the beach, gym and so on. To shop this style, click here


High-waisted underwear is mostly worn by women who are not comfortable with low-rise styles. This type of underwear will keep your tummy covered. If you are not comfortable with underwear digging into your skin, high waist panties are a great solution as it provides full coverage and good finishes on your belly button.

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With the effects of Shapewear, underwear with control tops helps you to smooth out those folds and creases underneath your cloth. They go either to your belly button or above, enhancing your body features.


Compressors are panties and shorts that makes life easy for everyone. They provide maximum coverage with comfort on the body. The shorts are tight and extends to the thighs. They also have waistbands too.

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After reading this article, you will come to the conclusion that there are many options available to select from and La Didor has a great number of them. You only need to click on those links for the one that catches your eye. Kindly share this article with your friends. Enlighten someone today!


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