Choosing the right underwear does not need to be complicated. It is true that there are different types of underwear like we detailed in our previous post, fabrics and colours that would leave every woman scratching her head in confusion. This is why this article on women’s underwear guide will help to dispel all of the confusions and answer your questions on how to choose the right panty because once you figure it out, then you can easily enjoy shopping for underwear without stress.

Choosing the right style of underwear for you

There is no one type of underwear that is best for every one woman in every situation but there are some guidelines that women can use to help them make the right decision when looking to buy underwear. Picking the right style of underwear is not easy at all. From fit to fabric, to the colours and design. To choose the right underwear for you, keep the following in mind…

  1. Your favourite style: There are different types of underwear for women that you can select from. Our article “types of underwear for women” detailed it and also provided tips on how you should wear them. From bikinis, briefs, hipsters, G-string, thongs to compressors. Going through it will provide you with an idea of what your favourite style could be. Keep that in mind while shopping for your underwear.
  2. Type of fabric: This is also one of the things to consider when choosing the right underwear. Bamboo is considered as one of the best fabrics for women’s underwear because it’s comfy. Our story should always start and end with comfort. Bamboo is light, luxuriously soft and very gentle on the skin which makes it a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It is also eco-friendly meaning that Bamboo is grown organically without artificial irrigation.
  3. Consider colour: Our focus is on selling timeless designs here at La Didor in order to encourage versatility with underwear colours. You will find versatile selection of colourful and neutral shades that never go out of style. For instance, we have
  • Black: which goes with everything and happens to be every woman’s favourite too.
  • White: every woman needs at least one white panty in her closet.

Other general tips to guide your underwear choices…

  • Steer clear of see-through disaster. If your clothing is transparent, it is best to go with a pair of panties that is in a skin colour. That is, one that matches perfectly to your skin tone.
  • Avoid wearing underwear that is visible in your outfit.
  • Choose the one that fits perfectly. If the underwear curls up around your waist or pinches and feels tight, then consider going for a bigger size. If the underwear sags around the crotch, then a smaller size is better.
  • Go for underwear that will complement your assets.
  • Hide your flaws if that makes you feel good about yourself. A high-waisted panty will help to push in excess fat around the tummy area and make the stomach to look flatter.


  • Know your size: It is better to measure your waist and hip size before you go shopping so that you can get the perfect size for your body.
  • Know what type to buy: Not all type of panty fits all personality type, therefore it is essential to know your body type before selecting the right panty for you.

Not sure of your body type? Click here to read all about different body types.


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